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August 22, 2005




  • Cookies - Cost of cookies this year will be decided on at the August 24 board meeting.  Cookies are the main source of income.  Information will be sent out at a later date about the cost per box.
  • Cookie Contacts Terri Todd is no longer with the council office.  The following folks will be working the cookie program this year:
    • LeCresha Newton (x229) will be the information contact.
    • Lynn Gary (x223) will be providing training to Service Unit Chairs.
    • Holly Money (x221) will be dealing with the financial side.
  • Fall Sale Listing in Program Booklet Mistake The price that the troop will earn per item is $1.00 instead of the .75 that is listed in the lime green program booklet.
  • Fall Sale Training if you are planning on attending one of the fall sale training events, please contact Lynn Gary at x223.
  • Gifts of Arkansas the new location will be at Scott and Markham in the RiverMarket.  All profits will go to the council office.
  • Boardroom at Council Office the display cases in the boardroom at the council office have been redone and the council office is looking for photos, biographies, community project summaries & photos, media clippings that highlight you, your troop, etc.  Please contact Annette Hicks at x239 if you have any questions.
  • Sales Tax Exemption there is a copy of the sales tax exemption form for you to be able to use when purchasing supplies, food, etc. for your troop.  You can pick up a copy at the council office.  You must show it to the cashier before the transaction and be using a troop check.
  • Recruitment Currently recruitment meetings have been scheduled at Brady, Williams, Pulaski Heights, Jefferson and King with more being scheduled.  If anyone needs a special meeting, please contact Jane Owens.
  • Troop Accounts troop accounts are being audited from the council office.  Please make sure you review the procedures for a troop account (i.e., two signatures on checks, etc.)
  • New Leader Training there is a Nuts & Bolts training scheduled for September 15 from 6p-9p at Highland Valley United Methodist Church.  Contact Jane if you would like to attend.
  • Background Checks as of late August, 2005 the council office is doing background checks on all new troop leaders.
  • Email Blast On page 7 of the fall program booklet, it tells you how to get on the email blast listing if you are not currently receiving emails from the council office.
  • Planning Trips Home Study Course must have taken this course before you can take girls on a trip.
  • Girl Information Sheets (four-page sheet) returning parents need to make sure to look over and sign/date again.
  • Membership forms keep yellow copy for yourself and turn in white copy with the summary sheet form.
  • Financial Reports -  were due to Jane on August 1.  If you have not turned your report in, please do so ASAP.
  • Bank Cards please contact Jane and let her know if there are any changes or not this year to your troop account.  Please make sure there are three people on the account.
  • Cookie Training there will be cookie training for leaders on November 14 at 7pm.  Cookie sale starts on January 6.
  • Early Bird you must be registered by September 30 in order to receive your early bird patches.
  • Volunteer Report (Jan-May) if you have not turned in your volunteer form yet, please do so by August 31.  You can email them to Liz Mooney.
  • Postcard Exchange information will be posted on service unit website.
  • Troop Fan Mail mail for troops.  More information will be posted on the service unit website.


Team Activities:

  • OnTime Event September 17 Trinity United Methodist Church -10am noon.  This is a joint event with the Pocahontas Service Unit.  Please come and register your troop.  Flyer was sent out via email.  Please RSVP by September 2 to Liz Mooney.


No meeting in September, next meeting will be October 10.


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