Rambling Heights Service Unit



February 13, 2006




If you have been a Girl Scout (whether girl or adult) for a total of 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, please see Jane Owens about a tenure pin if you don't already have one.

Jane has flyers to go in church programs for Girl Scout Sunday which is March 12.

Annual Meeting will be April 22 at Masonic Lodge in downtown Little Rock.  There is no cost to attend, but you must register.

Jan Southwell was at the meeting and showed everyone a video about Camp Storeywood and talked about camp programs and the financial aid forms.

Priscilla Merriman was also at the meeting and went over the new study about health and kids, talked about the CEO Conference for girls that will be held in March and also mentioned that at the Annual Meeting folks that want to can bring SWAPS.  (as info--there are 18 Service Units in the Ouachita Council so if you plan to bring a SWAP, please bring at least 18).


Team Activities:

  • Saturday, March 25th, Taster's Tea and Birthday in a Bag at Trinity Methodist Church
  • April 8th, Father Daughter Bowling at Professor Bowl West
  • May 8,  Bridging Ceremony at Trinity Methodist Church


Next meeting will be March 13.

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