Rambling Heights Service Unit



August 28, 2006




Arkansas Post is no longer a council - they have merged with Ouachita Council.

Jane Owens needs to be added to your bank account.  You will also need to change the address on your bank statement to come go to the council office.  You can also ask for internet viewing.

Janurary 5 - Cookie Rally 7pm to midnight

November 4-5 Carousel of Training (look in your fall training booklet)

If your troop is doing something special, please contact Kendell at the council office.  She is the new PR person.

We are needing a new Communications person - if you are interested, please contact Marjorie.

Mark your calendars - November 13, cookie training - all leaders need to be there!

Don't forget to sign up for the fall sale training on September 11.  Please contact Debbie to register.

Meetings for remainder of year:
Sep 11 - fall sale training
Oct 9 - leader meeting - guest speaker - breast cancer awareness
Nov 13 - cookie training
Dec 11 - leader meeting - potluck and ornament exchange
Jan - no meeting
Feb 12 - leader meeting - craft exchange
Mar 12 - leader meeting
Apr 9 - leader meeting - delegates for annual meeting
May 14 - service unit bridging ceremony / volunteer recognition & cookie awards

Service Unit Events being planned:
Nov 3 - Birthday in a Bag (Green Team) - 630p-8p
Dec 2 - Christmas Parade (Green Team) - need to pick a theme / more info later
Feb 10 - Taster's Tea (Blue Team) - 2p-4p
Apr - Father/Daughter event (Purple Team) - more info later

Check the Fall Program Booklet for activities for your troop to do!


Fall Sale Training September 11 at 630pm.
Next leaders meeting October 9 at 7pm.

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