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Council's Own Hearts and Hands IPP

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Click on link at bottom of page to view the requirements for earning this IPP.

Link to IPPs found on GSUSA's website:  http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_central/insignia/list/11_17.asp

Has your daughter or your troop earned all of the badges in the IPP booklet as well as the 10 new IPPs or just want something different?  Here are some resources to find Council Own IPPs.  Just be sure to check with that council to make sure that you can earn them!  Most councils will allow any girls to earn their council own awards, but there are a few that will not.

http://www.coppellgirlscouts.org/statecombined.htm (Insignia Search)

Scouting Web Resources for Cadette/Seniors

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Council Own Hearts & Hands IPP (missing)Adobe .pdf format

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